Follow-Up Call From Anna

Anna called back and talked about the “death threats” and “Snooper.” She said that she heard my father in Snooper talking about the death threats. Not that he made then, only that he knew about them being made against me and was concerned that Anna had not told me. She asked me if I heard anything in Snooper. I told her as I had before that I have never heard Snooper. She asked me what I knew about Snooper and I replied only what she has told me. She explained that it is a wireless communication system, like a cellphone but without a cell phone. She could not speak to them and cannot be sure she is identifying people because she cannot see those she is hearing. I told her that I don’t hear Snooper and don’t know anyone else who hears Snooper. I had not heard anything about death threats from anyone else. She also told me that we are both “protected people” and that is why we have stayed alive for so long. 

I made an appointment to see her this Thursday. 


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